We are an ed-Tech Company that focuses on the integration of ICT into Education. We Provide ICT knowledge enhancement services and Technical Support for schools, primarily focusing on the school administrators and the teachers

We have set our base operation center at Kikuyu Kenya where we are running in a shared office. we however are easily accessible to visit the partners at their premises on need basis.

The TichaTech project was established in 2023 as an ICT consultancy company that would help teachers to manovuer around the IT savvyness demanding CBC curriculum. Within the first year of operation we would go ahead to specialize in other Technologies in the education sector and become a full fledge Education Technology (ed-Tech) Company incorporated as a subsidiary of Mwalimu Innovations and Technologies Africa (Mwalimu ITA)

Our products and Services are include but not limited to The TichaTech Project Consultancy, The TichaTech Template, The TichaTech Blog, Darasa, The TichaTech Box.