The TichaTech Project

We are an ed-Tech Company that focuses on the integration of ICT into Education. We Provide ICT knowledge enhancement services and Technical Support for schools, primarily focusing on the school administrators and the teachers.

Who Are We?

We are an organization comprised of ICT Experts, Teachers, Administrators, Research specialist among other stakeholders with a unified goal to integrate ICT into Education. We work in a collaborative environment, undertaking research on ICT needs in the Education sector and planning and implementing ways to handle the needs.

We seek to build a technological savvy education sector where the teachers, school admnistrators, learners by extension and other Education stakeholders are able to implement technology with ease in the day to day teaching and learning.

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To assit teachers, school, administrators, educators and other stakeholder achieve technological savvy in line with technological Advancements


Build a culture of learning and teaching that incorporates the use of technology to enhance the spread of Education Nationally, in the region and across the world


  • One Team
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Inclusion
  • Innovative

Products and Services

We strive to bring relatable, innovative and user-oriented services and products. For this reason, our products and services can hence be put under two broad categorizations as, our innovations and our services

Our Innovations

This refers to the systems and platforms we continually and with full commitment maintain and operate. They are specifically designed to cater for needs of different stakeholders in the education sector. Extensive research and numerous hours are put into the innovations to not only ensure delivery of perfectly crafted products but also innovative and modern to their purpose.

The Innovations

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Our Services

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ICT Consultancy

Systems Developemt

Our Services

From general consultation on matters ICT to more specialized sevices like ICT System Development, our team of experts strive to have the services tailor-made as per the need of each individual education center. We offer the full spectrum of services to ensure that the education centers are able to fully integrate ICT into teaching and learning.


Collaboration is a key strand in The TichaTech Project's DNA. We believe that long-term, impactful partnerships are central to achieving our Mission. Therefore, we have established partnerships with diffrent organizations that share similar vision and values as ours. Our partnerships include the Education Centers and Collaborative Partners.

Education Centers

With our products and services tailored for the education sector, our key partners are schools. The schools cut across different levels from the primary schools, junior secondary schools, high schools, and tertiary institutions.

In the education centers, we offer our products and services as per to the need of the school and the level of ICT the school has adopted. We have had the privilege to partner with different Learning institutions and are continously working with more.

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Collaborative Partners

At The TichaTech Project we acknowledge the role played by different stakeholders outside the Education centers to ensure learning continues smoothly. For this reason, we have crafted partnerships that will foster the relationship between the stakeholders and the Education centers while working towards achieving our objectives.

We Provide platforms for the stakeholders to interact with the Education centers in a mutually beneficial way. We also offer opportunities for Organizations and Foundations to give back to the society by integrating CSR with ICT integration in Education Programs.

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